Worker's Compensation

Worker’s Compensation – A relationship with a patient coming from a worker’s compensation situation consists of the same elements described above. However, the doctor also has to maintain a positive relationship with the patient’s employer, who must also feel confident that the care provided is appropriate. The relationship will benefit from a clear communication with the company’s safety manager with a strong emphasis on rehabilitation necessary to enable the employee’s return to the workforce as quickly as possible.

In this area, ancillary services, such as follow-up education for injury prevention, post-job-offer screenings, and updating the employer groups about changes to worker’s compensation laws are ideally part of the package companies look for when considering the selection of a doctor to oversee the care and rehabilitation of their injured labor force.

Work-related injury victims. Chiropractors do not only treat injured workers, but also function as case managers. In this capacity, we are able to direct the entire care of the injured worker.Chronic neck and back pain sufferers with onset unrelated to motor vehicle accidents. Segment of the populaiton that has attempted other forms of treatment without the results expected. They are candidates for not only a natural approach to treatment but also “back-end” sales of therapeutic devices such as TENS units, heat and cold packs, and home exercise devices.

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